Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace

Essentials for the Real World
By Richard Heiser
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Offering a fresh approach to the complex subject of human resource management, Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace is a practical reference guide for everyday practitioners and an instrument of study for students of management. From the vantage point of an extraordinary breadth of experience, Richard Heiser presents topics in a logical sequence to provide how-to methods and real-world applications.

Defining and Applying HRM in the Workplace is an ideal reference for unit managers and practitioners. It includes not only the necessary core knowledge, but the means of its application through policy, programs and procedures. The presentation highlights principles and key points, providing numerous citations for additional learning, an index and an extensive glossary. 

This book also serves as a comprehensive study guide for newcomers. Each chapter includes explanatory visuals, samples and practical assignments, in addition to case studies and discussion exercises for individual or classroom work. 

The reader is offered a clear view of the entire spectrum of HR management with fundamental information on methods for staffing, developing desirable workplace conditions, fulfilling legal requirements, enhancing employee communication, reducing legal risks, and maximizing the contribution of human resources.


The purpose of HRM is to provide an effective and efficient workforce with which an organization can achieve its purpose. This presentation of subject matter is made in eleven subject chapters that are arranged in four major aspects of the function: staffing, providing enabling systems and conditions, sustaining a workforce and managing legal matters. The prominence and influence of employment law is evident throughout the presentation. Guidelines for the development of projects, programs and meetings, common tools used in implementation of the profession are presented.

Human resource management uses special knowledge, skills and tools, earned regard and influence to produce desirable conduct and decisions by those who do the actual supervision and management of workers.



Dick Heiser’s career spans an extraordinary breadth of experience in human resources management and education in private, public and nonprofit organizations. Beginning with job analysis and time and motion study at Deere & Company, Heiser advanced to human resources division management in two Fortune 500 firms. With the Hoerner Waldorf Corporation he served as plant personnel director and corporate compensation manager, negotiated union contracts and participated on a team to install management by objectives. With Champion International Corporation he served as division personnel manager and recruited in colleges. At Land O’Lakes he served as division HR manager, undertook there location and integration of an acquired firm’s management staff and undertook the first of several major startup staffing roles. During the course of his career he has consulted with hundreds of managers on scores of HR subjects and issues.